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About Aspen Lake Rake

Aspen Lake Rake The "Aspen Lake Rake" is a revolutionary invention intended to supersede the "Rake on the rope". The rake is 28" wide with varying lengths of sectional handle. The rake has been successfully tested up to 100' long.

This rake is absolutely ideal for clearing areas of thick weed, thus encouraging fish to move in and forage for food on the lake bottom.

Standard 28" Rake Dimensions

Rake head width: 28 Inches
Handle length: 30 Feet
Dismantled length: 3 Feet
Weight: 8.5 lbs. / 3.85 Kilos

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Aspen Lake Rake
Aspen Lake Rake

The advantages over its predecessor the "Rake on the Rope" are:

  1. The rake is pushed calmly and with ease over the surface of the water with no splashing, thus avoiding frightening the fish from your swim and also the neighbouring swims.
  2. The easing out of the rake head to its required position is almost completely effortless, although the retrieval of the rake does require reasonable effort when loaded with weed.
  3. The positioning of the rake head on the lake bed is far more accurate in that it can be steered both as it is eased out across the surface of the water and again as it descends to the lake bed.
  4. When retrieved, the rake head is easily unloaded by simply shifting the weed from the top of the rake head to each side and by lifting the head by means of the centre tube.
  5. Because the rake is operated by a handle there is no rope to get caught around your legs. Also as you ease the rake out across the water there is no danger of hitting yourself or anybody else as is the danger with the "rake on the rope"
  6. If the rake should become snagged on a branch or an object on the lake bed it has the advantage of being able to be pushed and twisted to the left and right which in most cases will aid it's retrieval. Flexibility of the tines also aids retrieval when snagged.
  7. The rake is easily assembled (30 secs) and dismantled (30 secs), with no rope to become entangled.
  8. The rake will always land with the tines facing downwards unlike its predecessor which could land at any angle.
Aspen Lake Rake

Other Information

The rake is constructed mainly of lightweight aluminium and at 30' weighs less than 4 kilos, each 3' handle extension tube weighs only 200 grams.

The handle sections are fitted together by a push and clip system which means there are no threads to become damaged.

The tines are manufactured in spring steel which means that they will simply release if they get caught on a rock or similar object on the lake bed.

The rake has been strenuously tested in a lake that is 14' deep and solid with weed.

Following the simple instructions provided the rake has been proved indestructible and exceptionally efficient.

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Standard 28" Rake: From £149
Post & Packing: £20

Additional 3' Extension tubes are £11 each.

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Aspen Lake Rake

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